Hail Seitan !! Our Apostasy from Turkey Day Dinner

Here it is…


The possible look of Holidays to come.


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Movember, Movember, Remember Movember AND….

Thoughts on Movember from a Vegetarian/Vegan Perspective

Think about Prevention, not just Detection and Treatment.



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Happy Birthday: Brittany Maynard

A life cut short… Twice

Born today in 1984 and passed away before inoperable and fatal brain cancer could take her.

By her own choice, with her husband and family around her, she chose to end her own life this year on November 1st with a legally prescribed medication that was provided for that specific purpose.

No matter your opinion on the subject of physician assisted suicide or death with dignity,  we remember the life cut short twice. Once by the cancer and then by her own choice.

Praying for her family today.
Join me. -mike

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Happy ‘World Kindness Day’

From the mouths of babes

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God’s kindness: kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile.” -Mother Theresa

enjoy the day and Choose to Be Kind.


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Kansas gave us Veterans Day.

U.S. Representative Ed Rees from Emporia, Kansas, presented a bill establishing the holiday through Congress. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, also from Kansas, signed the bill into law on May 26, 1954.[4]
Being a kansas boy myself, this makes me a bit proud.

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For Veteren’s Day: Robert Frost’s Poem for his Friend Edward Thomas

To E. T.

By Robert Frost 1874–1963 Robert Frost

I slumbered with your poems on my breast
Spread open as I dropped them half-read through
Like dove wings on a figure on a tomb
To see, if in a dream they brought of you,
I might not have the chance I missed in life
Through some delay, and call you to your face
First soldier, and then poet, and then both,
Who died a soldier-poet of your race.
I meant, you meant, that nothing should remain
Unsaid between us, brother, and this remained—
And one thing more that was not then to say:
The Victory for what it lost and gained.
You went to meet the shell’s embrace of fire
On Vimy Ridge; and when you fell that day
The war seemed over more for you than me,
But now for me than you—the other way.
How over, though, for even me who knew
The foe thrust back unsafe beyond the Rhine,
If I was not to speak of it to you
And see you pleased once more with words of mine?
Enjoy the Day. Millions died for it.
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Obamacare Architect Admits Deceiving Americans to Pass Law


I wonder if they considered the ‘stupid americans’ more than 47% of the population?

In actuality, all polls of actual Americans were 60-70% against the Affordable Care Act at the time which in reality is neither affordable nor true care.

They rammed it down our throats by buying the votes and loyalties of the Reps and Senators who voted for it, against the wishes of their constituent voters of their states.

“Obamacare” as it is affectionately known now was never the popular option. It had to be forced, bought off, and deceived into place by a government who actually cares very little for the affordability of healthcare… otherwise they would have asked instead why what passes for a healthcare system in the United states costs so much rather than forcing a way to shift the cost.
Another giveaway program that is in reality a take away program to remove free choice and impose by force of law what the government wants you to pay for.

Illegal. Unconstitutional and totalitarian. Change that they now admit openly they deceived you into believing in.

Goebbels would be proud of the propaganda success of our national socialist regime.

That rumbling sound in Virginia is Jefferson spinning in his grave. All the while the Greek god Lincoln sits in his temple like memorial gloating in his victorious 2nd American Revolution. Priceless.


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