Missouri school punished blind child by replacing cane with pool toy | Fox News

December 18, 2014


Three guesses as to why AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson aren’t running to this kid’s defence and charging violations of his Civil Rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

These parents should sue the school district and all those individually involved in the decision made to mock and humilate this child.

Outrageous. But the government schools think they OWN our children and can do anything to them or teach them anything they like or think is best. Well, this is what they do with your tax dollars and trust to educate and take care of your kids.

No one can and should parent or punish your kid but you… the rightful parent. Wake up and resist unrighteous and outrageous authority.

Shut Down the Whole Government – LewRockwell.com

December 16, 2014

What does Ron Paul want for Christmas? Less Federal Governmental interference in our lives in the New Year. Enjoy. -mike


A Christmas Favorite of Mine by Robert Frost

December 13, 2014

mike and brandy:

Reblogging my own post from last year. Enjoy

Originally posted on My Omer of Manna:

Christmas Trees

The city had withdrawn into itself And left at last the country to the country; When between whirls of snow not come to lie And whirls of foliage not yet laid, there drove A stranger to our yard, who looked the city, Yet did in country fashion in that there He sat and waited till he drew us out A-buttoning coats to ask him who he was.

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Sabbath Rest: Christmas Time and Family

December 13, 2014

Family Loss and Hope

Hey there all you harried and bothered people rushing around to make all those gift purchases for the Season. I just thought I would give a word on what we here at the Wannabe Homestead that is our life are thinking about and doing.

Once again, our family is going thru Thanksgiving and Christmas Holiday having said goodbye to another member. In 2010 it was my dad who had passed that June. In 2012 it was my closest best friend and Brother in Christ that was as much like an older brother in blood as he could be. Rocco passed that October. In 2013, just last year, my mom passed in April suddenly. And THIS year my twin brother Chris passed even more surprisingly and without notice in July.

There is not a moment that goes by that I don’t miss hearing their voice over the phone or think to myself “what would he/she have said about that?” They are all missed and even more so during these Holiday seasons. For all their faults and foibles, for all the past hurts and disappointments, regardless of the missed opportunities Family will always mean more to me and Brandy because of their passing and there really is no other time of the year except their individual Birthdays that brings the Ethos of Family alive to the mind and heart as Thanksgiving and Christmastime.

A word of advice from one who has lost much the last 5yrs…

Don’t let their passing be the only thing that evokes this in you. Don’t wait till they are gone and you now have to sift thru the regrets and tears of yet another Holiday celebration/meal without them. Do as Christ did when He came to us not as a Soldier, not as a King, not as a Philosopher/Guru riding down a cloud from heaven…

Seek to make Peace. Offer apology and repentance if necessary. Be ready to forgive and offer pardon if possible and available. Christ came as a defenseless Baby to those that He knew beforehand would Crucify and Reject Him just for the opportunity to offer Forgiveness and Reconciliation… To Offer PEACE to those who may not necessarily have Deserved it.

Can we do the same this Season of Christmas? This Season of Family? This Season of going on after such loss in the Hope of Gaining or Regaining the relationships with those who remain?  Please “Do What Jesus Did”. Give and Receive the best gifts that this Season has to offer.

The Gift of Family, Love, Forgiveness and Hope.

From our Family to yours. Merry Happiest Christmastime.


Colleen Patrick-Goudreau on Eggs and Chickens

December 7, 2014

What about eggs from ‘homestead’ raised Chickens?

From a Vegan and Ethical Point of View.


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