Islam and the Mother Lode of Bad Ideas: In Defense of Sam Harris

mike and brandy:

great article. thanks for the thought provocation.

Originally posted on Andrew Gripp:

The spat between Ben Affleck, Sam Harris, and Bill Maher on the HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher over Islam has become so heated and escalated that even 10 days hence, it has still managed to survive the erosive force of the 24-hour news cycle in a way unique among cable TV debates.

The feud began after Affleck interrupted Maher’s interview of Sam Harris several times, the final time as Harris began to criticize liberals for failing to speak up against human rights abuses in Muslim-majority countries. Harris lamented that liberals are afraid to criticize Islamic doctrines and their real-world consequences for fear of being branded “Islamophobes.”

Despite Harris’s numerous caveats and throat-clearings affirming the need to criticize bad ideas rather than an entire class of people, Affleck still equated Harris’s comments with bigotry and racism.

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Brittany Maynard: The Other side of the Question of Death with Dignity or just Death… “What about changing your Diet?”

If you have ‘nothing to lose’ do you really have ‘nothing to Gain’?

Don’t give up… just change the ‘Medicine’


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Standing With The Trees

mike and brandy:

We’ve had our share of loss this last 4 years. Thank you for witnessing to ‘Godly perspective’. Still trying to work it out in my own life with Christ.

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Maybe it’s because 13 years ago today I woke up never knowing what the week had in store, never knowing that in just 5 days we would be burying our son.  Ignorance is bliss.

Maybe it’s because this season is marred by so many anniversaries.  Anniversaries marking the passage of time from “the before.” Before we knew “that” grief, before we knew “that” fear.

Maybe it’s because I can identify with the tree, but I read this and I can’t get it out of my head. Beating like a drum…

All through the woods, the trees are letting go.

I told the Farmer on the way home from Sunday chapel—when we came up to the top of Bobbie Johnson’s corner, and just before he turned, where you could look long to the northwest and out across Gingerich’s cornfield to their woodlot with the embers of maple — that it was…

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Watch “Rich Mullins – Wheaton Chapel Service, April 11, 1997 (Full Concert)” on YouTube

Classic stuff about the Heart of REAL Christianity. Enjoy the day and make it Jesus.

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Vivisecection?… Animal Testing, Torture and Murder…. for Science?

The Response of Supporters of ‘Vivisection’ to the other side of the Conversation

Do we REALLY need to continue Animal Testing?


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Question for Tuesday: Offense and Apology

What do you Think?

Is it always appropriate to apologize when someone has been or has taken offense in what you have said?

Why or Why Not?


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Columbus Day: How to distort the past without actually lying

mike and brandy:

Amazing article about modern myth making and propaganda. Columbus Day should be relegated to the dung heap of history or used to furiously and completely excoriate those who would outright lie or intentionally misrepresent such history in order to deny it’s impact on the desired story they want to tell and us to believe.
Great article. -mike

Originally posted on The Curious People:

Replicas of Columbus’s ships at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago. Via Wikipedia

Columbus Day is a US holiday which is celebrated with annual arguments about the propriety of honoring Christopher Columbus with a holiday. The atrocities that he and his men committed are so well documented that you’d think it would be impossible to defend the man, but people are still doing it. Today’s post isn’t about Columbus so much as it’s about how to defend Columbus (not that I’m defending him). There’s an important lesson here about history and about the way we talk about history.

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