Food poisoning poem

Up all night
due to a bite
of lasagna not so lite
but very tasty

Perhaps twas the cheese
and left me displeased
my stomach diseased
turned inside out in the bowl.

But whatever the reason
That my stomach was qweezing and created this season
of discontent …

I know I’ll be righter
if not a shade lighter
by the end of this blighter

Please pray for my tum. Thx and enjoy the day.

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Don’t Regret Regret: Regret for the Past can be a Teacher for the Future

Just don’t let it Rule You… “The Existential Wake-up Call”

Regret can be the First step of Repentance leading to Change and Renewal, Learning and Personal Transformation.

Take the Opportunity Today to use the Regrets of Yesterday to change your Tomorrows.


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Lord’s Day: My Mom is now at Peace

mike and brandy:

For Mom today. This is also for anyone who is still with us and still has an opportunity to ‘make their Peace’ with the Creator/Sustainer God who Loves and Forgives. Won’t you call upon Him Today? -mike

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Psalm 23 and Rest

My mom Carolyn passed away last night at 1120p with myself and my sister holding her hands on either side and reading the Psalms.

Psalm 23 seemed to give her special comfort and she calmed down quite a bit as she eased into “God loves you, Mom. He’s not mad at you. We love you, Mom. It’s ok… go be with Christ. He’s waiting for you with Dad”

You don’t have to wait till ‘End of Life’ catches up to you.

Call on the Savior Today.

He’s waiting for you.

God Loves you.

He’s not mad at you.

Come to Christ Today and receive the Peace and Forgiveness and Freedom in His Extravagant Love and Mercy.


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Sabbath Rest: Life Lessons from Ashton Kutcher…. really.

This Video of Ashton Kutcher and the Movie he made about Steve Jobs gave me new Appreciation for both of them.

“Build a Life, don’t just live one” – Chris ‘Ashton’ Kutcher

Enjoy the Day


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VIDEO In Christ Alone…Passion 2013

mike and brandy:

Let Christ be the Answer even if you don’t know the Questions yet.

Originally posted on StopAndPrayTV:

Mar 14, 2013

In Christ Alone…Passion 2013..Kristian Stanfill

Passion 2013 is a spiritual gathering for high school seniors & university students of 18-25 year old, and their leaders

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Prayer for a Friend’s Marriage Tonight

Eunoia…. Greek for Good Will, Well-Mindedness, Agreeableness, Willingness to Reconcile

“Let the husband render unto the wife due benevolence (Eunoia) : and likewise also the wife unto the husband.” - I Corinthians 7:3

We’re praying for my brother and his wife for “Eunoia” to rule and superintend the issues in their marriage. As with a lot of marriages, there comes a point where Contention and Adversarial Combativeness leads to Defensiveness and Doubling Down and neither party wants to see Themselves from the Other’s Point of View.

Their just “Tired” and “Done”.

It hurts to hear this played out time and again with close friends and Family in Christ.

What do you say?

How do we respond?

Who can break thru the Pain,


Anger and


I know it sounds Cliché and Pat, but when No one understands and No one can fully or effectually speak into the Chaos/Thunderstorms….

Jesus can. So we PRAY for Him to move and speak and work where we can’t.

We’re praying for my Brother and his Wife…. for Eunoia to Rule and for JESUS the Heart and Marriage Healer to move and work in both of their hearts tonight.

Pray with us.



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Today is World Autism Awareness Day


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