Thinking Tuesday: “Burden of Proof”

“Simply put, the person making the Positive Claim always has the Burden of Proof. It is not the Job of the one Dismissing the Claim to prove it is not true. You can never Honestly Require someone to Prove a Negative.” -Mike

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Monday Reset: Xtian HaiKu “It’s Monday Again”

It’s Monday Again

Weekends are too Short

never seems to be enough

Time to go around


filled with such promise

emptied out so quickly that

Dead Stop. Back to Work


But Mondays too hold out Hope,

New Life, Beginning Again.

“Open My Eyes” Yes!!!

-It’s Monday Again.


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Cecil The Lion


Why are some lives more Valuable than others? Why do WE get to ‘Choose’ for others whether they Live or Die based on their Value to US? Great Post -mike

Originally posted on VeganVoices:


A man paid someone to needlessly kill an animal. Most people pay others to needlessly kill animals for them.

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Lord’s Day: Hash Tag “JeSuisCecil”

I’m On Your Dinner Plate Daily…

And You Defend My Murder…

And the ‘Selling’ of my Tissue to the Highest Bidder…

But Yea… Let’s make it about a Lion. Forget the Rest


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Lord’s Day pt2: A Different Perspective on Eternity

And this is a Different Christian POV on the Subject

Rob Bell thinks that the Bible teaches… LOVE WINS.

A different Christian Perspective on Hell and Eternal Life/Torment. As Christians, we are not necessarily tied to the Ox Cart of threatening those who don’t believe in Christ ie. don’t agree with us…with ‘Eternal Torment’. Please examine what you believe and why you believe it. That is what being an Honest and Thinking Christian is all about.

Enjoy the Day. -mike

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Lord’s Day: A Different Christian Perspective on Hell

Christians don’t have to Threaten Unbelievers with Hell…

… Unless they Really WANT To. But why would they want to?

Great Video for one thoroughly Biblical and Christian alternative to Eternal Torment in Hell for those who don’t believe the Gospel. Edward Fudge is far from being a Liberal, Post Modern Thinker on the subject. Give a good listen to what he has to say. I think you will be surprised and educated.

Enjoy the Day -mike

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Sabbath Rest Pt 3: “The Reliability of the Bible” for next Week

With Apologies, Until Next Week

This question is going to be a bit more difficult to discuss and answer. I hope mark and everyone else will grant me some ‘Grace’ in delaying my Post on this one for Next Sabbath Rest post… next Saturday. Again, with apologies.

Enjoy the Day -mike

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