Sabbath Rest: Food for Thought… about Family

There is all kinds of evidence out there that points to Meat, Eggs, Cheese and Dairy as the Leading cause of Coronary Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, and Death. But…

No One has ever Died because they ate too many Crowns of Broccoli.


We are not perfect. We went Vegetarian in January after eating mostly Veg for the last few years due mostly to my Twin Brother’s passing in July of last year at 48yrs old. We are not Vegan, which would explain why we still consume Dairy and Cheese, but my own goal is to be Vegan by my 50th Birthday next year in June.

Tough Couple of few months…

April will be a tough month for me family wise. Both my mom’s and my dad’s Birthdays are in April. And my mom passed in April of 2013.

Next will be May and Mother’s Day. Sigh…

Then June with mine and my Brother’s Birthday and the 5th Anniversary of my Dad’s Passing. Sigh…

And finally, July with the First Anniversary of my Bother’s Passing. (I will need to be touching bases again with his three adult children and their kids who probably still miss ‘Papa’. SUPER Sigh…

All of this history brought to you by Poor Health Choices not only normalized but fully sanctioned by our society and even Subsidized and Protected from Prosecution by our Government.

Gigantic Level 10 SIGH…

Make a Change and Live

I’m not telling anyone to do anything, but Please consider the Health Choices you are making and the Impact they do and will eventually have on You, your families and even your Societies and Economies you ‘Leave Behind’.

Stop and Think. We did and to quote Robert Frost it’s making “…all the difference in the world” for our health and lives.

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Sabbath Rest: ‘Super’ Pi Day HaiKu

Pi Day HaiKu: “Everyday Slice of Happiness”

3      Morning Sun

1      Bright

4      We awake, stretch…

1      Smile…

5      Saying “This New Day…

9      God has granted, we receive with Joy”

2      Deep Breaths

6      Chests rising and falling

5      She turns, reaches out

3      I accept.

5      Morning, Love Renews

8      Golden Sun. Round, Life Giving Pi.


Please Mark Super Pi Day with me on 3/14/15 at 9:26 and 53 Seconds am. And Enjoy the Day.


Tuesday Humor March 10th: International Day of Awesomeness

mike and brandy:

Thank you for this. You are Awesome !!

Originally posted on Days to Remember:

March 10th is International Day of Awesomeness Created and Written by JD Mitchell Designs © 2014

Awesome, is slang word used mostly by our younger generation.

When the Harry Potter movies started coming out, and hitting the silver screen certain words that our younger generation picked out and started mimicking from the move, were words like, “That’s Wicked!”

The meaning for wicked, is a type of awesomeness, yet what our vocabulary dictates through a dictionary is that certain words that are publicized have somehow lost their actual meaning.

A few other words that have lost their meaning and have come popular are words like, “Whatever” and “Seriously” which are over emphasized to death, and that I find very annoying, and cringe when do I hear them.

Yet today’s story is how did an International Day of Awesomeness, come about?

International Day of Awesomeness started in 2007, when a lawyer named Freddie Maneiro suggested that his colleague Kevin Lawver was so darn awesome, it should be celebrated.

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Lord’s Day: Morrissey on Animals’ Lives and Our Choices

Meat is Actually Murder. Go Veggie

I’d encourage us all to watch “Earthlings” again and see what we are doing to Billions of God’s Living Creatures every year. A famous fast food chain touts “Billions Served” as if the Billions were the people who come to eat their ‘food’

The Animals are the REAL Billions. ‘Served up’ in various ‘food products’ and clothing choices we make on a regular basis.

He said it right in the Video. “We don’t need it… we weren’t designed to eat it… and it’s Cancer causing”

Push Pause on the automatic reach for meat, eggs, and yes,…dairy… long enough to think about where these “Food Products” come from and what Processes and Production Practices has to go into what you put ‘into’ your and your family’s mouths and stomachs. Continue reading